Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My First

 My Dad bought me a sketchpad. I have never had a formal checkered sketch pad before. It is small and compact. I have been carrying it everywhere. So these are my first two sketches. Not my best but were great fun.

Wolverine's hand. Pencil on paper
Wolverine. pencil on paper

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lets Recharge!!!

Pencil on paper by me

One of the things that define a person’s looks is their hairstyle. A good hairstyle with healthy hairs can not only make one look awesome but also can act like a fishnet for complements. Even a simple ensemble can get you noticed if you have the right hairs to go with it. And it is not a child’s play to keep one’s tresses like that of Rapunzel. It takes pain and a lot of effort.

Pencil on paper by me

One thing that is always a cause of worry for me is my hair. A bad hair day is something I dread. My hairs are curly/wavy and can be tough to handle sometimes. But recently, due to exam stresses, my hairs have gone from bad to worse. They are shedding like raindrops in monsoon. And I have seen some split ends as well. It’s like as it the exams sucked the life out of my hair. This is not the first time they have gone so bad. I still remember those dreadful days of my 12th board exams. 

Pencil on paper by me

Board exams are the nightmare of every Indian student (not talking about the nerds!!). This is that time when days and nights are no longer distinct; Internet and television are things of a different world and coffee becomes one’s new best friend. All this stress takes a toll on the mind as well as the body. In my case it was my hairs. After the exams my hairs became my new worry.  I tried everything and nothing worked. Then my family became my savior. They took me on a vacation to see southern coast of India. It was a 15 day long vacation. We went to see Kerela and it is rightly called God's own country. Then we traveled to Tamil Nadu. And after I came back after absorbing all that natural beauty and beach air I realized that my hair were back to being healthy and awesome.

However, this time a vacation is out of question. And after trying several home remedies I feel like giving up. MY HAIR NEEDS RECHARGING NOW!!!!  My mood, my life depends a lot on my hair. Furthermore, This time I am in college and I can't to go everyday with a ponytail. I love my tresses and can't have them looking like this. Help!!!

Pencil on paper by me

# This is an entry for Sunsilk Recharge your Hair, Recharge you life Contest.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Let's Build Our Tent !!!!!

“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh?" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's hand. "I just wanted to be sure of you.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Childhood friendships are often like the one Piglet and Pooh shared. Every day is an adventure and everything is a mystery. I distinctly remember the day when I first befriended my best friend Maya. We were in K.G. together. All students were given art homework to make flowers. While everyone had made them red I made mine green in color. While some of the other children laughed at my painting she was the only one who said it was nice. She even drew a star on my sheet. Since that day we have been best of friends for the past 20 years.
A sketch of us when we were in KG

Dove has launched this contest called Guessing Game with my friend!  It requires us to tell about the various games we played with our friends. I am overwhelmed with nostalgia when I think about the various games Maya and I played together in our childhood. One of them is building tents.

 Building tents was one of our favorite games till we were in primary school. She lived near my house and used to come over in the evenings so we could play (read mischief) together. Usually we would play board games or hide and seek but when it was Saturday we would make tents. Building tents was one of our favorite games till we were in primary school. She lived near my house and used to come over in the evenings so we could play (read mischief) together. Usually we would play board games or hide and seek but when it was Saturday we used to build only tents. Maya would come over in the morning and the whole day was spent arranging tables or chairs and then putting a big sheet of cloth over them. Every time the material used to be different. Sometimes we would over the dining table with bed sheets and hide under it pretending like it was a tent.

There were no playgrounds near our houses so these tents were like our very own special playgrounds. We would bring all our toys in. We would tie my mother’s dupattas around like a sari and play ghar-ghar.We read fairy tales using a torch.

 I feel really grateful to have a friend like her in my life. These were some our golden moments. I will cherish these memories forever…….

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What do you think?

What do you call this?? Is this Art or Just a girl gone crazy??

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shooting for a Century: The India-Pakistan Conundrum :Review


Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Obsession with Forever

Vampires, Fairy tales, Romantic-Comedies, Chic-lit romances, teen romantic novels they all have one thing in common, that is, the 'Promise of Forever', the 'Happily Ever After'. Teens or even adults these days are obsessed with the larger than life romances. And billion dollar franchises feed on this obsession. Children grow up reading fairy tales which often convey the message that at the end true love will last forever and the lovers will stay together forever. I'm not against happy endings or fairy tales. I'm not anti-romanticism either.

But ask yourself that do these conditions or this tag of forever necessary!!!
Do we need to put a timeline?

There are all sorts of relationships in this world which have their own dynamics. One can't really compare them. Love is one thing that isn't quantifiable. Also relationships have phases. So is it possible that every relationship will last forever? The answer is no. Not every relationship can last forever. On the contrary, many relationships, though of a short time-span, have depth far greater than the ones which have had a long run. Sometimes the passion fades in the long term relationships but it might replace stability, a quality which is no less important.

I like to think of this world as a pond. And of us humans as stones which are thrown in it. Our lives are the ripples which are created when the stone hits the surface of the water. These ripples interfere with other ripples in a similar manner like our lives interfere with the lives of the people around us. So in the same paradigm, love can be thought of as the force which propels those ripples. Initially when the stone has just entered the pond, the ripples are more intense and so is our need of love in the form of passion. But as those ripples fade and stability sets in our needs also change. We value the quiet. 

So what do we ultimately seek? Longevity or Depth?

There is no correct answer to the above question just like there is no bad art. It's just about what suits you. However, I don't think that putting the condition of forever before every relationship is right. Sometimes love lasts a lifetime but lovers don't. So be charmed by the "forever and always" but don't expect every relationship to fit in that paradigm.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chalk and Charcoal

Monsoon and the chilly winds these days are keeping me from studying, I just can't concentrate. So I'm spending more time doing sketching and stuff....and I am trying my hand at drawing with Charcoal and Chalk for the first time in my life. And here is a look at some of my sketches.

  Well I agree these aren't great but I am learning......

I do appreciate any sort of feedback.